• What is Realtor.com.cy ? [RU]

    Realtor.com.cy is an online property ads service on which you can search property ads completely free.


  • Are you property agents? Do you have connections with the sellers? Are you being paid commission or have any kind of profit from property sales?

    NO. Realtor.com.cy is NOT a property agent. We are only offering the platform on which a seller can list his/her property and a buyer can view it. We are not in any way related to the sellers and we are NOT being paid commission or have any kind of profit from a property sale. We are only making our profit from offering our Prime Listings service.


  • In which order do the ads appear ?

    Property ads appear sorted by the listing date and time.


  • Is there a limit in the number of Ads a user can submit ?

    Every user can submit up to 20 Ads per week. (Your limit is reset every Sunday night)


  • How many pictures can I add to my listing ?

    You can add up to 8 photos to your listing.


  • For how long does my Ad remain active?

    Ads remain active for a period of 6 months.


  • Why is it NOT possible to list for sale a property in “North Cyprus” ?

    Most properties in “North Cyprus” were removed from their legal owners by the use of force and violence. The “authorities” of “North Cyprus” are not internationally recognized thus any sale performed in the “North Part” is illegal and invalid. There are several current and past legal cases against Turkey and the illegal regime of “North Cyprus”. Numerous people who bought property in “North Cyprus” have found themselves in a very difficult situation where international arrest warrants were issued against them or had their assets frozen by international courts. Realtor.com.cy under no circumstances will ever put its customers in such a great risk and in addition we do not wish to be involved in a political matter. Therefore listing for sale real estate in “North Cyprus” is strictly prohibited.